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The comments in blue indicate why choices were made for this piece of copy and how they were carried out. It’s the anatomy of how a copywriter works. Or at least how I work.

Cage & Miles LLC - Work / Alan Fawcett
Cage & Miles LLC - Work / Alan Fawcett
Cage & Miles LLC - Work / Alan Fawcett



Cage & Miles LLC, the largest law firm in the San Diego area, wanted a rewrite of their initial Job Posting for an Associate Attorney because they weren’t getting the number or quality of applicants that they were looking for.

The revised Job Posting was written with the following considerations in mind:

  • This law firm is competing with other law firms for top talent. Therefore, from an advertising point of view, it becomes a brand like any other, and “creative” copy must be written to distinguish the firm and the job from how its competitors present themselves and the job. Another way of saying this is to present the firm and the job as being “different”.
  • The firm has already made a good start at differentiating themselves from the competition on the Landing Page of their website. Where the competition universally trumpets the quality of their services and the rankings of their attorneys, Cage & Miles leads with something much more important: how potential clients will benefit from working with the firm. As follows: “At Cage & Miles, we champion your interests. It’s our mission to help you find clarity and peace of mind so you can focus forward…that’s what makes us different.” This is excellent. It sets the firm apart from the competition in a compelling, human and easy-to-understand way. The idea of “difference”  was used as the jumping-off point for the Job Posting.
  • Any number of studies show that decisions are made on an emotional basis. Then we use the rational part of our brain to bring forward reasons that justify the emotional decision that has already been made. Thus, a mere expository description of the job isn’t sufficient. Emotional triggers must be used to “sell” the firm, the type of person being sought, and the nature of the job.
    Every person likes to feel special and needed. Even the most hard-headed of no-nonsense attorneys.


Experienced Family Law Associate Attorney – Hiring Immediately

About Us

At Cage & Miles, we help bring clarity and peace of mind to our clients, so that they can focus on moving forward with their lives. Our compassion reassures them. They feel confident because we are zealous and tireless advocates for their interests and rights. You should know that we’re the largest and fastest-growing family law firm in the San Diego area. We got there by concentrating on things that are more important than being the largest and fastest-growing.

And that’s what makes us different.

About You

We are looking for an Associate Attorney who is a detail-oriented problem-solver.

  • Do you usually know what is going to happen in a case before others do?
  • Do you want to be part of a law team that appreciates your direct, no-nonsense style?
  • Are you capable of working at a fast pace?
  • Do you like to help dictate the direction of a case?

Can you bring order to the chaos that is the inevitable nature of a family law practice?

That makes you different.

About the Job

As an Associate Attorney, you’re self-motivated, equally adept at working under close direction and operating independently on your own cases. Although your scrupulous attention to detail is one of your greatest strengths, you also enjoy experimenting, learning, and adjusting as you go. You’ll be responsible for:

Carefully crafting all manner of important court filings and supporting documents, including draft family law pleadings, initial filings, Requests for Orders, ex parte paperwork, client declarations, stipulations, and temporary restraining orders.

Expertly researching laws, court decisions, opinions, briefs, and other information needed for our cases.

Assiduously following up on correspondence with clients, opposing counsel and experts.

Vigorously representing clients and their interests in court.

You will make a difference.


  • Must have a Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited law school
  • Litigating experience (3-7 years)
  • Law and Government — Knowledge of the California Family Code, the Code of Civil Procedure, the Evidence Code, California Rules of Professional Conduct, California Rules of Court, and applicable local rules
  • CA State Bar License (Required)


At Cage & Miles, we only hire the best. We ask a lot of our attorneys, which is why we give so much in return. In addition to your competitive salary, medical/dental/vision plan, and matching 401(k), we’ll offer you perks that you might not find anywhere else, including:

  • Humanity: You’ll be working in one of the most humane work environments anywhere, where employees are always treated as people, not just fodder for the legal process.
  • Mentorship: Much of your work will be assisting one of our Lead Attorneys. This will allow you to receive outstanding mentorship, permitting you to progress in your career while advancing the interests of our clients and our firm.
  • Paid time off: We understand that the demands of a particular case may require extra hours from time to time. We’re happy to compensate you for going above and beyond in the form of paid time off.
  • Dress: Wear whatever you feel appropriate to the office. If you feel comfortable, you’ll make our clients feel comfortable.
  • Flexibility: Two days a week, feel free to skip the commute and hit your deadlines from home.

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