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CAE - Work / Alan Fawcett

The Azores

32,000FT. 505 passengers. 200 miles from home. No power. CAE-trained Iberia pilot Capt. Robert Piché was going to have to wing it.

CAE - Work / Alan Fawcett

Uttar Pradesh

Oct. 22, 2004. Flash flood in Uttar Pradesh, India. Buries 10 CAE simulators and a $20 million Air India investment under 6 feet of water. Panic call. Just let ’em dry out. That’s all? Yup. They’ll be just fine. 3 days later and enough hair dryers for 10 Oscar ceremonies and every single simulator was home and dry and (so to speak) ready to fly.

CAE - Work / Alan Fawcett


Syrian desert. Pilot MIA for 6 hours. 30 miles behind enemy lines. CAE-trained helicopter pilot Mike Carpenter was in a hellish situation. He’d located the pilot, but a freak sandstorm had blasted out of the western dunes, blotting out light and landscape, with 100 km gusts threatening to shear off the rotors. Instrument-only training kicked in as he steadied the craft, descending gently until a tooth-rattling jar told him he’d landed on the ground. He couldn’t see. Out of the eddying murk emerged sand-stung eyes in a sand-stung face. Now they just had to make it home.